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Allison Barton Youssef

Storyteller | Mother | Activist


I grew up in England in a small town, in a small home, that had a magical garden. My Canadian father tended to the garden as he tended to me, with deep love and reverance. As he pushed me on the swing, framed between two plum trees, he would tell me stories of Canada and the beauty that grew from its soil. 

I always knew I would land here, the mountains and forests were calling my name before I was given one.


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My love of imagery was also passed down from my Father. His weathered hands taught me how to use my first film camera. After that I was never without it. 

I now continue to carry my camera, and my Fathers spirit, everywhere I go. 

I do not take this privilege lightly. Giving back is inherent to me and it is a joy to offer my gifts and time to organizations I align with offering workshops and retreats to help us discover the connection between the feminine, ecology, spirituality and community. 


I studied at The London Film School in London, England before living many years in Egypt where I became a mother and entrepreneur. I am deeply interested in social enterprise and work with makers in Northern Egypt creating artisan kilims. I am also working towards becoming a certified forest therapy guide.

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